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Motivation vs Discipline

All Grit Crossfit

13 July 2021

Are the two mutually exclusive? Or do they exist dependent on one another?

Let's break it down. Motivation is your why. Discipline is your how.

They are totally different. But in order to see any meaningful progress and change, you most certainly need both. Motivation is often the catalyst and initial driver for change. It is absolutely a vital element on your fitness journey and nobody can argue otherwise. The neat thing about motivation is that as you progress and change, it changes along with you. It ensures a meaningfulness in what you do, which is important on those days
when it is hard to find a reason to get out of that comfy safe space you have.

Enter discipline.

Just like your physical strength, your aerobic capacity and your endurance threshold, discipline is something that you must continunally work on, and build over time. This is applicable to all levels of athlete, from the recreational to the elite. Motivation without discipline is basically a goal without a plan. Discipline incorperates what you must do in order to achieve what you want to.

Discipline requires discomfort. It requires sacrifice. It requires strength. Most importantly, discipline requires purpose. It challenges the strength of your resolve. How bad do you want it? What are you willing to do? Are you willing to do everything in your power? Discipline is dedicating your efforts, energy and time, your most precious commodities. So without your motivation, your end goal in mind, how can you possibly justify your actions to yourself?

Discover your 'why' & then commit to your 'how'.

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