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If you intend on signing up for a Ryde based membership, you will not be required to make payment online, but we will be in contact with you following your enrolment to set up your payment plan.

Real Experiences, Real Results

Dana L.

"I was fairly new to the gym prior to this most recent lockdown and when I first joined the whole community was so welcoming. It was evident from the get go that the priority of this gym is to make everyone feel like they belong no matter their fitness levels or goals. I've tried countless other programs and gyms in the past and this is the first time that I felt like I had found a place that understood me and my goals. This was weird because looking around no 2 people looked the same: not just it fitness level or physique but even just walks of life. It became very clear that this place didn't have room for egos and this was all on the back of the environment that the coaches here foster and the emulate. Going into lockdown I was worried that the small progress I had made was going to waste but even through this difficult time the coaches found creative ways to keep the community together and continue to support everyone to reach their goals."

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