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Got questions? We’ve got answers. Have a look at our FAQs and find out answers to the questions that may be on your mind. If there is something that we might not have covered, please reach out and a member of our staff will get in touch with you!

What type of training do you offer at All Grit?

Our training is what’s known as functional fitness. It’s not just about performing mindless reps on a cable machine at the gym. We believe that getting you stronger in a functional way will allow you to enjoy a higher quality of life on a day to day basis, making everyday tasks a no-brainer. No, we’re not kidding. Things such as carrying your groceries from the car to walking up those flights of stairs require a level of fitness and strength. Our gym provides a rounded program without any single particular area of focus, so that you can develop and become your best possible self! From strength training, to gymnastics skills, to cardio endurance, we help you work on it all. A stronger, healthier body makes for a happier body. Fitness is for everyone and it is our mission to make this statement come to life for you. We want to help you build confidence in yourself and your abilities through realising and understanding the potential that your body has.


How is your gym different from a normal gym?

Our gym has a strong focus on community. We believe that fitness is for everyone and we support each individual on their fitness journey. The people that you train with become your friends, encouraging you, pushing you and allowing you to challenge yourself every single day. 

Our programming provides you with a well-rounded balance of fitness and strength, working on all skills and helping you achieve your goals which can be achieving your first pull up, to being able to perform handstand walks across the floor. We are proud of the safe and inclusive space that we have created, allowing you to train in a judgment-free zone, under the watchful eye and guidance of our coaches. We like to think of ourselves as your sweaty home!


Do I need to have prior experience to join your gym?

Absolutely not. We welcome and encourage everyone, especially beginners, to join in on our classes and we cater to all levels of fitness and training experience. Our programmed classes provide for two streams, “competition” and “fitness”. Our fitness stream allows beginners to get in a challenging workout while they progress their overall levels of fitness and strength to eventually progress to the competition stream, which requires more technical and high skill capabilities.


What’s the best way for a complete beginner to start training with you?

If you have not had any training experience before, we strongly recommend that you complete our on-board program, where you will be taught all of the basic and foundational movements that we perform regularly in our programming. The on-board program is made up of 6 one-on-one sessions with one of our coaches, and it is structured in a way where each session has one main focus of a particular movement or skill that your coach will work on developing with you. These sessions provide you with a great feel of what our regular classes are like!


Can I train if I am recovering from an injury?

Of course you can. Our experienced coaches can work with you to provide you with modifications for any of the programmed movements, allowing you to continue to progress while rehabbing your injury until you’re back to full capabilities. We strongly advise that if you are injured, you do consult with a qualified practitioner as to how to best rehabilitate your injury. This then allows our coaches to take on board what your physio or treating practitioner recommends and advises you, so we can best modify your workouts in a safe way.

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