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Adapting to change

All Grit Crossfit

20 July 2021

Our current normal: *insert slide show*

We're still here. We are finding our ways to keep you moving and keep you healthy with everything else being an uncertainty for us all.

Our members have been amazing at adapting to the drastic change, recognising the importance of daily active movement to maintain some normality in their routines.

We are running our Zoom Classes 4 times a day from Monday to Friday with times at 6am, 6:45am, 5pm and 5:45pm, and a 9am Saturday sweat session. These sessions have been keeping our members fit and strong despite lockdown! (No it's not just burpees all day every day. Our programming is versatile and adaptable to what you have available to you, making sure you're not bored with your training!)

We are running two Zoom Stretch sessions a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12pm. These are a perfect counterbalance to the lack of movement you may be experiencing due to working from home.

If you have access to a barbell and some weight plates, we are running remote online programming for your olympic weightlifting, complete with comprehensive personalised programs, detailed video reviews and regular check ins with our coaches.

No equipment? No drama! We are running one on one sessions that are in compliance with the NSW Guidelines, keeping you safe and moving!

Enquire with us now about how you can keep up your health when all else seems like it's out of your control.

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